What is Mini-Clip Storytelling ("MCS") and How Does It Work?
Mini-Clip Storytelling is a form of video that conveys messaging from your brand through a coordinated campaign of  short-duration video clips. MCS typically lives on your brand's Instagram Reels or TikTok page, and is intended to meet viewers where they are (on their social feeds) with bite-sized consistent content that over time will resonate with audiences and convey the core tenants of your brand and community to viewers new and old. Interwoven Media assists your brand in the ideation, development and production of these engaging mini-clip campaigns using the easy-to-follow, five-step process detailed below.  



Record a singular video asset to act as the centerpiece of your to-be-developed monthly campaign. The speaker could be you, or it could be a partner, employee, customer or stakeholder.



Submit your video recording to Interwoven via a secured shared link. That is all the input work you will need to develop your 10+ video content campaign!



With your submission received, Interwoven takes the raw clip into the post-production lab to find the best bites. These bites are edited and formatted to meet your brand / design guidelines.



Once complete, a first draft of your video package will be shared with you for your review.



The video package is completed and ready for sharing online and on social. Time to celebrate!

Leverage One Piece of Content ...

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Emily Cheng, CEO & Co-Founder
MedVenture App


Morris Ellis & Pablo Murillo, Co-Founders

Aguas Locas Los Angeles

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Angela Caglia, CEO & Founder
Angela Caglia Clean Beauty Skincare

Into Your Own Mini-Series ...

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