Community-Generated Content is genuine and purpose-driven content that is created by members of an organization's community and compels audiences to think, feel, act, share or consume. It is a powerful tool that Interwoven believes will become widely-adopted in the digital age as brands look to evolve in the era of online, community-driven commerce.  
One Rotating Content Series Touching on All Key Constituents
Community-Generated Content
The Benefits of a Community-Generated Approach to Content
CGC is an expanded form of user-generated content ("UGC"), whereby brands are able to feature the perspective of all of their key constituents, instead of just focusing on their core users or consumers.
By doing so, brands are able to take the advantages of traditional UGC (which are that it is more trustworthy, relatable, engaging and authentic form of content vs. traditionally-filmed video) and build on them by inviting more members of the brand's community to share their personal relationship and experiences with the brand. 
In practice, this means that with CGC - brands are producing content made not only by their users (UGC), but also by their founder(s), long-time employees, customers, supply chain partners and more.
Community-Generated Content creates a 360 degree view of your brand's ecosystem and values. 
With this strategy, we'll invite members of your community to share their unique experiences and stories of your organization and brand. Together, we'll create a video campaign that produces a harmony of voices each uniquely contributing their own additions to your brand's broader identity and story. 
What is Community-Generated Content ("CGC") and How Does It Work?